Why we buy a souvenir?

Souvenir means something you buy or keep to help you remember a holiday or special event, in the Cambridge English Dictionary.

What is the meaning Souvenir in our life?

Souvenirs are the physical form of our memories during traveling. We can watch them and feel happiness or pride, especially if we have a collection of traveling to many countries. How many countries have you traveled?

I have been just in Indonesia. I overcome my fears (traveling alone, surfing, etc.) and I bought many things as Souvenir that remember me. They inspire me to try new things and experiences or change my life as a meaningful object! Isn’t it great? I think many travelers are like me. How about you?

Maybe you are globetrotter, what do you think about souvenir as a prize and celebrating your trip?

I also believe giving souvenir is a good way to tell our friends and family that we love them and we don’t forget them.

I am a traveler and souvenir-lover and I like to find handicrafts which made by local artists, not made in China because they are memorable, inspiring, meaningful, and lovely things in my life.

By the way, I have a challenge about money and transportation. But, I think souvenir is really important and I have found solutions.

I want to introduce local artists and traditional arts to other travelers and I have started this project to share and get information. I think I can inspire others to travel by selling beautiful little things from other countries? For example, if you have a wooden ring from Iran, you will be curious about traveling there or others ask you about it. Or you meet an Iranian person in the street! Isn’t it wonderful?!

Now, please write to me …

What do you feel about the souvenir?

What is your favorite souvenir?

How about your country? Do you have any especial handicraft?

Do you like to help me to start this project?

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