I am heart! (my journey to Indonesia in 5 shots)

-what’s your name?

+ my name is Atefeh. You can call me Ati.

-Nice! Do you know Ati means heart in the Indonesian language?


-yes! Welcome to Indonesia, Ati!

So, every time I had put my hand on my heart for introducing myself, I am Heart, a throbbing heart!

Actually, I have more than one name in Indonesia! I had applied for traditional dance program and I came to Indonesia for learning traditional dance (web Developer, writer, and dancer!). my classmates and teachers called me Atifa, Afete, and sometimes nothing! Just one Indonesian man who couldn’t speak English always called me correctly, Atefeh!

One day I just rode my friend’s motorbike for 10 minutes! I felt I was flying. I decided to buy a scooter! I searched and searched and searched. I found Blue Sky and I bought it. Next day I woke up in the hospital! A stormy beginning! I felt alone and sad as a loser! I just listened to a podcast about the discovery of Antarctic. It was a story about a solo traveler, exactly I needed it and I felt better! I felt I am as strong as a solo traveler and I called myself Solo Girl!

I got better and I went around cities, most people, especially grandmas, embraced me and called me Cantik (it means beautiful) and they suggested that I get married in Indonesia!

I decided to travel throughout Indonesia to find my favorite man (just kidding)! I desired traveling but I scared to travel alone. My friend suggested joining Couchsurfing. I joined and sent a request to stay at a host in Borobudur and she accepted me immediately. I was excited because I had started my solo traveling and I stayed in an orphanage that Lina managed it. I was happy because I stayed in the house with more than 30 kids who called me miss! I felt they are my family! I felt Indonesia is my home!

I went around my new home! I Visited cities on Java island and I found new friends. I asked them about other islands. They introduce me Sumatra and special region, Aceh! I liked Sumatra but I wasn’t interested to visit Aceh! But many people thought my name is Aceh and every time I remembered that I didn’t like it! But I loved Java Island!

I traveled around Java island. I took 9 days trip to west java. I bought a train ticket and I prepared my backpack. I was stressful but when I sat next to the young man on the train and We spoke about everything and watched unforgettable views of farms and jungles I got relaxed. He was a gentleman. He helped me to find direction in big Jakarta. I surprised that he called me Mo! Actually, my last name is Mohib and maybe he would like to be polite and friendly.

I had many names and It is too exciting that we meet a person in other countries who have our name! it happened for me! A family hosted me in west java. They had two girls. Their names weren’t Ati, Atefeh, Atifa, Afete, Aceh, and…! But they had 6 cats and one of them was Mo-Mo! It was a friendly cat. When I was sick it came to my room and watched me. I am happy we had the same name and I miss Mo-Mo!

My journey in Bali, Gods Island, with beautiful beaches and handsome boys was different. they called me sexy and Kim Kardashian! I was shocked! I just got tanned and wore colorful dresses, like other girls. Finally, I found out it is Bali style!

I love all of my names because I love who called me them. I am curious about my next names and I will find them on my next trips…

How about you? How many names do you have?

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