About Me

Hi! I’m ATEFEH. Thanks for stopping by.

I was born on July 29, 1992, in Iran. I am interested in Reading books, Writing the diary, Dancing with happy music, Traveling around the world and embracing new cultures and experiences.finally, my mission is being an effective person. Naturally, I am on the way to discover myself.

I studied computer engineering. I have worked as a Web Developer, Support Expert, and Content Manager at three startups and company so far. In 4 years, I have learned about programming, customers, user experience design, product content and etc.

I always enjoyed writing. I wrote for myself. I finished many diary notebooks. My friend suggested me new jobs base on writing product content. I discovered writing is my passion. after 3 months I was appointed as content manager.

besides, I started social and volunteer activities for kids, books and gender equality. I organized an NGO and also companioned other NGOs and organizations. I have passed many courses to develop my skills as an effective activist. social activity is one of the important parts of my life.

what is the conclusion? I was accepted to 1-year art and culture program in Indonesia. Then, I have started my new job, freelance writer.

Actually, I am a Freelance travel writer.

Where is my next destination (story)? I just listen to my heart.